HP Unveils Social Media Printing. Is This the Future of Print?

HP Unveils Social Media Printing. Is This the Future of Print?

You’ve probably heard the motto “bigger is better,” at some point in your life. However, when it comes to multifunction printers, this statement couldn’t be more wrong.

Recently, HP – an expert creator of both computers and desktop printers – released a new printer onto the market, and it’s smaller than any tech of its kind. The HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3700 saves you a ton of space, but doesn’t’ spare you any of the functionality of your usual small business printers.

What really sets these particular desktop printers apart is their ability to work with mobile applications across iOS, Android and Windows devices to print content directly from social media websites and applications. You can have your favorite images off of Instagram, print shots of comments from Facebook and much, much more.

Whether you use your devices as small business printers in the workplace, or as more of a personal tool, this small but powerful technological development can make printing from social media sources even easier, while still giving you all the results you’ve become accustomed to in modern multifunction printers.

Never miss out on another posted moment when you have this particular printer on your side to help you print and preserve your memories or ready your pictures for an important presentation down the line.