Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Total Satisfaction Guarantee | On-site LaserMedic

At On-Site LaserMedic, we want our clients to have the utmost confidence they are dealing with the best. Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee delivers on that expectation. We offer guarantees on service, hardware, and supplies offered to our clients. 


If for any reason our service does not meet the expectations for our clients, On-Site LaserMedic guarantees to get it right. We will provide a no cost return visit from our technician until the unresolved issue is settled to the agreement of the client. 


If you are not totally satisfied with our Xerox copiers and laser printers delivered under Agreement with On-Site LaserMedic, we will at your request, replace it without any charge with an identical model during the term of the Agreement. 


Our branded supplies carry a 3 year warranty from date of purchase and warrants the supply to free of defect in both material and workmanship. We will replace any items that are found unsatisfactory. In addition, On-Site LaserMedic further warrants our products will not cause damage or abnormal wear within the machine and if a defect is found to be the cause of machine failure, On-Site LaserMedic will repair any damaged parts free of charge. 

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