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Technology Is Designed to Help You Save Resources

Recent years have seen a dramatic paradigm shift occur in the business world where environmental-impact is now viewed as being almost as important as operational efficiency. The need for companies to “go green” with their practices has left many scrambling to come up with new policies and procedures designed to eliminate waste. If your company is searching for ways to improve your environmental impact, you’ll be happy to know that we at On-site LaserMedic can help you in ways that require absolutely no additional effort from you and your staff.

Green Solutions that Improve Your Energy Efficiency All On Their Own

How? It’s simple: the solutions that we offer were designed with energy efficiency in mind. Among the environmental advantages they offer are:

  • Exclusive Solid Ink technology that reduces toner use by up 90 percent compared to competing systems.
  • An Earth-Smart setting that automatically manages energy and resource use.
  • A Xerox scanner that allows you to share digital images electronically so as to reduce the need to print documents.

On top of these benefits, all Xerox laser printers and other devices are Energy Star-certified, meaning that even without additional intervention and customized setup, they’re designed to operate more efficiently.

Greener solutions that don’t require you to drastically alter your operations? Who wouldn’t want to take advantages of such tools? Let us here at On-site LaserMedic show you just how much we can help you lessen your company’s environmental impact. Just take a moment to complete our contact form, and a representative will get back to you at your earliest convenience. 


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