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Cost-Effective Printer Leasing in Los Angeles

Here are some key benefits to printer leasing as compared to outright purchases. First, it reduces the immediate cost of purchasing new equipment. Next, the entire amount of the lease can be deducted as an operating expense on your taxes. Finally, the options you have at your disposal will provide flexibility for upgrades down the road. 

Leasing versus Buying

When it comes to getting office equipment for your corporate organization, most office managers end up debating whether to purchase their own devices or place them on a printer leasing contract. Buying copiers specifically for your corporate organization can be a very appealing choice for a manager struggling to stay within a said budget and ensuring the device fulfills all their needs. Copier and Printer Leasing, on the other hand, comes with a series of advantages that can’t be denied.

Benefits of Printer Leasing

Now, let’s go over the four most important reasons why copier and printer leasing makes the most sense for your corporate organization.

  1. Save money  Instead of spending money on a copier, which can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, you should lease your device and use your funds to cover other expenses related to your department.
  2. Lease a copier and deduct the cost  A great advantage of copier and printer leasing for corporate organizations is that, under Section 179 of the IRS Code, lease fees are considered operational expenses. That means lease payments can be deducted on tax returns.  
  3. Get a different copier for each department– Often, printing and copying needs change from one department to another. For example, a black-and-white copier may be ideal for the front desk, whereas a color, multifunction printer can provide the best solution for your marketing department. If you decide to lease multiple devices for your various departments, you can choose among a wide selection of black-and-white or color copier models with multifunction capabilities or special features (e.g. document scanning, folding, stapling, hole punching, saddle-stitching, face-trimming, etc.) you may need in order to perform certain tasks. With printer leasing, you have the opportunity to get the technology you need, when you need it.
  4. Lease a copier…or more – A startup or a small business may not have enough money to purchase two or three copiers for their growing business. The fact is, most small- and medium-sized firms cannot afford to buy a copier for their daily office tasks. Printer Leasing enables you to acquire multiple copiers and spend less money than if you would buy a new machine.

Since 1992, On-Site LaserMedic has been helping hundreds of businesses with their short- and long-term office equipment rental needs. Whether you’re running a small office or a growing business in need of one or more Xerox copiers, HP printers, laser printers and software solutions for daily tasks or just for a corporate event, you can count on us for printer leasing.

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