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Improved Printing Through Mobile Interfaces

Mobile printing solutions are the way that business operations will be accomplished in the very near future. In many ways, mobile print technology is already shaping the way that production is accomplished. Xerox has long been the most trusted name in print technology and we are your first source of exceptional products. We can help your organization simplify print operations with the help of software designed to work on all mobile devices, including popular tablet and smart phone models.

Simplify Without Sacrificing

Great mobile interfaces can be hard to find; many software companies simplify mobile interfaces and leave users without access to the full spectrum of services the software ought to make available. Xerox has designed a highly adaptive mobile interface to provide a full complement of tools and options in an intuitive, user-friendly manner. Many printing options are available, including:

  • Adding security features to documents that allow printing only when at a certain terminal
  • Printing from any mobile device directly to workstations and laser printers
  • Connecting with out-of-network Xerox copiers and multifunction printers in a fast and secure manner
  • Printing directly from the mobile device instead of transferring to other computers or workstations

The Mobile Revolution

Mobile devices have changed the way work is done, and today we can help companies like yours improve printing tasks with advanced software. Contact us today to learn more about these solutions and others.


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