The BYOD Revolution

The BYOD Revolution

One of the biggest changes to hit corporate technology and security is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution. BYOD refers to employees using their own technology on corporate networks and infrastructure, and is becoming ever more common in an increasingly interconnected world where your office can travel in your back pocket. BYOD is changing how companies do business, creating a more agile, dynamic way to work.

Is BYOD Secure?

One of the biggest concerns of BYOD is endpoint security. When employees connect personal devices to the corporate network, they may pose data security risks. It’s important to work with your security teams on threat detection and network security, including infrastructure hardening and penetration testing. An effective, standardized security policy turns BYOD from a potential risk to an ever-evolving productivity solution.

Why Should Your Company Adopt BYOD Principles?

BYOD brings with it a number of benefits to the corporate bottom-line, including:

  • Access to mobile printing solutions on the go
  • Increased employee engagement and investment, resulting in higher morale.
  • Significantly lower technology costs on average
  • Expanded access and connectivity for remote work

Reducing technology costs leads to a reduction in overall company footprint, allowing for higher profit margins while maintaining a lean, robust organization capable of continuous productivity while removing the limitations of physical office spaces and device restrictions.


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