Embracing New Technology

Embracing New Technology

Technology is something that seems to be in a constant state of flux, and it’s understandable that your employees might be unwilling to want to change or do away with habits they might have had trouble originally integrating into their workflow. That being said, their unwillingness to adjust their workflow to new app technology could cost you both. Here’s how to help you both get over the hump.

Look to What Already Works

Rather than implement a completely new system or technology, see if there’s software that works well with what you already have and still provides full functionality with multifunction printers, computers, company smartphones and the like.

Let Your Employees Have a Say

Since your employees are going to be the ones using the new technology, they might as well have a say in the technology and systems they’ll be using. Take a poll to see if your team has references or recommendations to consider.

Focus on What’s Being Gained

Instead of focusing on the changes the new technology will bring, you and your workers will be better off if you draw attention to the advantages you’re all gaining. Will their jobs be easier, be accomplished faster?

Give Your Employees Time

There’s sure to be a transition period while everyone adjusts to the new tech or IT solutions. Give everyone a generous window of opportunity to get used to everything before you actually need to use the process.

While change and new app technology are good, they can also be hard. Use these tips to keep your employees happy.


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