Tuesday Tips: Don’t Forget to Include These Two Hidden Costs in Your MPS ROI

Don’t Forget to Include These Two Hidden Costs in Your MPS  ROI

If you’re considering whether or not to utilize managed print services in your business, you may be in the middle of calculating the overall ROI of the initiative, but there may be hidden costs that you’re not including in your calculation - time and resources.


When calculating costs, be sure to consider all the time it takes to manage and reorder printing supplies. Think about what happens from the time a need is identified, a call is placed to the help desk and an order placed, tracked and received. How much time out of how many people’s day is consumed by ordering printing supplies.


When you think about it, time can be considered one of your most valuable resources. Consider all the work your employees could be doing rather than managing a printing service need. It’s estimated that 30% of help desk tickets are in regards to printer issues. Don’t you think your IT department has more critical issues to address? Another hidden resource is space? Storage space used to store printing supplies could be used for more impactful purposes, such as storing saleable inventory.

Calculate a More Accurate ROI

If you need to identify the ROI in order to justify a move to managed print services, including the cost of supplies and service is easy, but don’t forget some of the hidden costs of the time, people and space resources currently being consumed by handling printer maintenance and printer management on your own.


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