How Managed Print Services (MPS) Streamline Processes for SMBs

Despite digital transformation initiatives across all verticals, paper-intensive processes still bog down many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In fact, a recent survey states that on average, 46% of all SMBs report that time is wasted on these paper-laden workflows, every single day. Because these same organizations seek cost and paper reductions and improved and digitized document workflows, ample opportunities exist for partners to assist them with Managed Print Services (MPS) contracts.

Print assessments give partners an edge

Very few SMBs have the resources to conduct their own MPS assessments and why would they when they can engage an expert? According to the same survey, one-third of US SMBs will do just that. As a result, Xerox partners are rightly positioned to be that consultant and through print network assessments, partners can better engage prospects, highlight the fastest routes to cost reduction and productivity increases and win a spot as their trusted advisor.

Proposing solutions that meet financial, risk, and productivity needs is critical but because each opportunity is unique, an assessment is the only way to provide a true overarching view of the customers’ entire print infrastructure. Assessments also highlight cost-saving opportunities through workflows, applications, and processes.

With assessment tools, it’s easy for partners to:

  • Calculate usage stats
  • Identify potential savings
  • Build trust
  • Cultivate loyal customers
  • Expose opportunities for additional efficiency-enhancing solutions

Workflows move to the digital age

Despite efforts to reduce paper, businesses remain heavily reliant on hard copy documents that later need to be digitized for easier distribution and the cloud or other storage required for collaboration among workgroups. Assessments also show customers how to integrate digital and hard copy processes so that information flows smoothly, predictably, and efficiently throughout the organization.

MPS allows partners to help customers:

  • Create automated workflows
  • Improve collaboration and communication among employees
  • Deploy data capture solutions
  • Reduce reliance on paper
  • Integrate printing and scanning workflows with other technology
  • Mitigate risk
  • Address compliance requirements

Mobile print initiatives drive innovation – and security concerns

Today, 66% of SMBs include print in their mobility initiatives and another 27% plan to within the next year. Network and data security are top concerns for IT departments, making security important in mobile printing. When partners build recommendations into their assessments, it’s natural to introduce cloud, mobile and SaaS-based solutions as they become available.

MPS contracts create an ideal environment to become the trusted advisor and continue to assist in building out the print networks that best suits customer needs. Conducting ongoing workflow assessments and periodic optimization efforts for documents, systems, and processes ensures a healthy MPS engagement.

The MPS recurring revenue stream is a niche that will likely be filled by a managed services provider. Xerox partners have the power to be that provider while also adding value and expertise, through MPS. But most importantly, the benefits to customers are far reaching; think risk management across fleets, scalability, and mobile and cloud print for remote users.

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