How Does Your Multifunction Printer Fit Into Cybersecurity?

How Does Your Multifunction Printer Fit Into Cybersecurity?

As you’re securing your business against online threats, make sure you don’t forget about multifunction printer security. There are several steps included in commercial security plans, and it’s easy to remember as well as fail to understand how devices like your printer play a part in your security. Now’s the perfect time to educate yourself and protect your business.

Printer Vulnerabilities

The first thing to understand about copier security is how your company printer and copiers are vulnerable. Most multifunction printers utilize several ports as well as several protocols every day, which opens the door to a host of problems. Printers also store sensitive data pertaining to your customers, business and employees, which can be accessed by hackers. Finally, you might also utilize embedded web servers.

Plug up the Holes

Instead of finding out the hard way just how easy it can be to introduce threats through your multifunction printer, take action now to respond to any exposures that might exist on your device.

With proper document security, you’ll know for a fact you’re compliant with the latest security configuration attributes, will have the most up-to- date device firmware and will have only required ports open.

The next time you’re looking over your company’s cybersecurity protocols, be sure you include printer security with your plan. Don’t find out the hard way how easy it can be to become compromised or attacked.

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