Ideas to Help You Make Your Office More Sustainable

Ideas to Help You Make Your Office More Sustainable

If you want to join the movement to go green and increase your office sustainability, then it can help to look over some ideas that other businesses are using. Take the ideas that would work for your business and implement them as soon as possible. Even if you only use one idea, you will still be making a positive change in your business.

Reduce Energy Use

Reducing how much energy your office uses is one of the best ways to increase sustainability. It will not only lower how much energy you are using but it also results in lower bills. So, you save money in the end. Here are a couple ideas to implement:

  • Make sure lights are turned off whenever a room or space isn’t in use.
  • Setup the heating and cooling systems to automatically adjust when the space isn’t in use.
  • Encourage use of natural light.
  • Open windows for natural ventilation.

Reduce Waste

Stopping wasteful habits, like reducing energy, offers you savings along with making your office greener. Here are some tips to help your office become less wasteful.

  • Eliminate trash cans at each desk and use one central area for waste collection.
  • Create a recycling center for glass, paper, plastic and even electronics.
  • Encourage the use of scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Use recycled paper.
  • Print only when absolutely necessary.

These are all small steps you can begin taking right away. Every one of them will help increase office sustainability and enable you to become a more environmentally friendly place.

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