Managed Print Services Isn't Just About Servicing Your Printers

Managed Print Services Isn't Just About Servicing Your Printers

Most people are quickly sold on the basic advantages of using managed print services to keep up with servicing their company’s laser printers. Beyond printer maintenance, however, there are several other benefits. This article considers three of such.

Reducing Downtime

A simple paper jam could have a much more complex cause. But copiers have more than just physical issues, they also can suffer from IT policies that make it difficult for the machines to receive firmware updates. No matter what the issue is, managed print services can drop downtime to a minimum.

Closing Potential Security Vulnerabilities

Do you have monitoring in place to prevent hackers from using your all in one printers as a gateway into your company network? A technology known as HP SureStart, for example, can detect changes made to BIOS, and if done by an unauthorized party, immediately restore configuration to its original state.

Cost Savings

All of the benefits listed above reduce time and effort, saving your business money in the end. When employees don’t have to dedicate themselves to resolving one-off issues, they are more productive and valuable to your organization.

It may be true that your staff is ready to lend a hand with printers by loading paper, changing toner cartridges and fixing small problems with your company’s equipment. But by dedicating these and more complex tasks to an outside firm, you can reduce downtime, improve security and conserve funds.

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