Office Hardware Security

Office Hardware Security

Often an overlooked aspect of cybersecurity is the protection of hardware. The increasingly interconnected nature of our society is leaving things that were previously immune to cyberattack vulnerable. Printers and copiers in the office are some examples. Most offices have networked inkjet or laser printers, aiding in productivity and output of the business. These devices are connected to the company’s server and to the workstations that provide it with print jobs. More often than not, one or more of these stations are connected to the internet leaving printers open to attack. Certain security tips can be heeded to lessen the risk of suck attacks.

Repercussions of a Cyberattack

Not only is printer security a factor to consider for the modern-day interconnected office, but copier security, and document security are as well. Copying and printing are often functions of the same device. This device is privy to any document that is sent to it to either print or copy. If the network has been compromised, the printer and copier device can give attackers access to sensitive documents that it processes. Some security tips to insure the safety of office hardware and company documents are as follows:

  1. Install proper network security software
  2. Provide only privileged individuals with network access
  3. Only print/copy sensitive documents on the most protected devices

In these ways cybersecurity can be maintained in the office environment, and data theft or maleficence can be mitigated.


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