Switch to a Paperless Workflow for Immediate Improvement in Your Processes

Switch to a Paperless Workflow for Immediate Improvement in Your Processes

A paperless office is going to run more efficiently than one reliant on printing out documents every day. Employers should really consider implementing electronic document management systems more often to start seeing benefits in daily processes.

Edit Documents More Easily

Printing a document out, handing it to a coworker for revisions and getting it back is not the most effective system for getting feedback. Most offices think that there is no other way because PDF files often cannot be edited. Luckily, editable PDFs have grown in prevalence, so you have a more reliable way to get notes on a project rather than having to print something out.

Get Signatures Simply and Securely

If your business deals frequently with having to get people’s signatures, you can speed up that process by using e-signatures. This allows you to complete contracts faster because you no longer have to mail the document to the individual. E-signatures are also more secure because while someone else could forge a physical signature, you cannot forge someone else’s IP address.

Not only will you be able to get assignments done faster in a paperless office, but you will also save money from all the ink and toner you are not using. You also do not have to spend as much time troubleshooting printer issues with an effective electronic document management system in place.

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