Why Successful Companies Have Standalone Copiers

Why Successful Companies Have Standalone Copiers

Multifunction printers are becoming more common in businesses around the world. Despite this, many companies choose to have a standalone copier to do most of their work. The specialization of copiers gives them many advantages that you can’t find in printers.

Lower Cost

While they have a higher initial cost, the price per page is very low. Owning a copier is the better deal in the long run.


A standalone copier has a much higher printing speed than the typical printer. High-speed models can produce almost 100 copies in a minute.

More Dependable

A standalone copier is made exclusively to copy, so it features a durable construction. A multifunction machine tends to work more like the less sturdy printer it was based on.

Other Benefits

Copiers feature other elements that provide a leg-up on their multifunction cousins. Some of these benefits include:

  • Simpler operation
  • Built-in memory
  • More copy options

Printers that can copy, scan, and fax as well as print can be very useful to a business. They allow more work to be done, increasing productivity. Machines with multiple functions, however, are built with compromises that don’t allow them to do any one task at an advanced level. Rather than attempting to shoe horn a printer into a copier’s job, get a standalone copier to save your employees’ time and aggravation.

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