Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than Copy, Print and Scan

Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than Copy, Print and Scan

The copier in your office has undergone substantial technological upgrades over the past few years. No longer do copiers merely make black and white copies and, if it was a high-end copier, send faxes. Today’s copy machines have evolved into office place workhorses that are more properly called electronic assistants than copy devices.

Streamline Your Office Workflow

With the ever-increasing availability of wireless electronic devices in the workplace, such as tablets and smartphones, office printers today need to be web-capable from the moment you unpacked them. When you add an upgraded printer to your already crowded office space, this can lead to equipment overflow, where too many devices are fighting for too little floor space. Fortunately, modern multifunction printers allow your company to streamline your office equipment while increasing your productivity.

Today’s Printers Are Multitaskers

No matter how large or small your office, today’s copiers have the features your growing business needs to succeed, including,

  • Built-in mobile connectivity
  • Email connectivity
  • Layers of security protection
  • Streamlined workflow processes
  • Customizable screen interface.

By switching over to a multifunction printer, your office can decrease the number of copiers, faxes and personal printers necessary to get the work done. This reduction in office equipment can lead to streamlined workflows, lower equipment costs and increased productivity. In addition to all the added benefits they can bring your office, a multifunction printer can still copy, print and scan your documents, too.

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