Go Green With Xerox Technology

Go Green With Xerox Technology

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things for companies that want to go green is that they still need to print documents which requires the use of toner and paper. Using Xerox technology can help you to make this process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Use Device and Software Settings to Print Less

The best way to reduce the amount of resources you are using, of course, is to print less. The settings in your document management system can help you to control who has access to the printer and what they can print. You can also set it up so that emails are always printed in black and white as well as double sided.

Reduce Ink Waste

In addition to reduction of ink usage by printing less, the type of ink used also helps you to be more environmentally sound. The solid ink employed by Xerox creates up to 90% less waste than the cartridge method of delivery.

Electronic Storage

There are a number of ways that you can use Xerox tools to help you store your documents electronically, rather than printing them on paper. Among these include methods of using cloud technology to store documents online, making them more easily accessible as well.

Many of the tools that Xerox offers to help you go green are automatically included standard with your Xerox copiers and Xerox printers. For the business that truly wants to be more environmentally friendly, this means reducing costs as well, with no additional investment necessary.

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