Tuesday Tips: How Software Solutions Up Your Printer’s Game

How Software Solutions Up Your Printer’s Game

In this day and age, there is such a push to digital solutions that some people wonder if print is dying, despite the advent of advanced technology multifunction printers. Combined with the software solutions provided, it seems that, to the contrary, printers are actually answering the current needs of businesses.

People Still Print

First of all, the reality is that people still print. Part of this is habit, but in some cases it is necessary to have a printed document. These new printers allow for safer, easier and more flexible printing, as well as electronic storage, of files.

One Document Goes Through Many Stages

In some cases, documents are created on a computer, then printed for someone who may need to make notes or adjustments, and/or sign it. After that, this same document may be scanned and sent back to the original person or on to someone else. Desktop printers that, due to their software, allow the document to go through all these stages more easily, put companies at an advantage. Printers with security enhancing software meet these needs while keeping the data safe.

Xerox small business laser printers, along with the software solutions that come with them, answer the requirements for both printing and digital management of documents. With their focus on the future, it seems likely that these printers will continue allowing businesses to have the competitive edge they need for future industry changes.

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